At Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on our superior customer service.

We think that's why you choose us to meet your company's needs.


We believe that excellent customer service includes the little things like "Free Delivery".

Our Oahu delivery drivers are the perfect team to deliver your Cosco products right to your doorstep or jobsite to keep you up and running without skipping a beat. We believe that FREE DELIVERY is one of the reasons you continue to choose Cosco to fulfill all your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs. Place your order by email, phone, or in person and we'll have it there in no time flat!

Take a look at what some of our customers are saying:

"Cosco has all the materials we need and the BEST customer service!"
- Flomar Agpoon, Air Central Inc.

"Liz & Tommy (Oahu) are very helpful!"
- Mike T., Dorvin Leis

"Best customer Service on the island (Maui) hands down!"
- Kenton Schawe, Island AC

"Very good customer service. The employees are always helpful and answers all my questions. I'll be back!"
- Russel Otani, MKC

"Thanks for getting me out of jams!"
- Sam, TD Food Group

"At Cosco, it's always a great experience with their very knowledgeable and courteous people."
- David Edmondson, Bo's Island Mech.

"I LOVE Cosco! 10 out of 10 in service! Aloha!"
- James, contractor

"I can not live without my Cosco personel"
- Jerry, Dr. Cool

"Cosco Employees are friendly and always smiling!"
- Ron, JECO

"We find the Maui and Kauai branches authentic and responsive to our needs. The stores are well stocked and cover most of our needs. Staff at both branches are extremely attentive and friendly."
- Ricky Rad, Shobu's

"Great service- they research the work, support, and maintain our relationship."
- Frank Beauchan, Frank's Repairs

"You are the most professional and personable supply company representatives."
- Greg Blanchette, Island A/C

Our On-Location Services are just one of the things we do to save you time and money:

Learn more about our Custom-Designed Replacement Coil Services.